About The Edinburgh Kiltmakers Academy

The goal of the Edinburgh Kiltmakers Academy is to bring a new lease of life to traditional kiltmaking. We aim to improve the overall standard of kiltmaking, whilst training new generations of kiltmakers to ensure that this long-established craft does not die out. The Scottish textile, highlandwear and fashion industries are thriving and exciting career opportunities are emerging at an astonishing rate.

Recent changes within the kiltmaking industry have threatened the traditional methods of kiltmaking. An emergence of cheap imports and outsourced machine made kilt-skirts have caused a rapid decline in the quality and authenticity of traditional Scottish Highlandwear. Additionally, valuable skills have been lost from those workrooms who did not train employees to complete a kilt from start to finish, instead choosing to teach the process in parts, as on a mass-production factory line.

Here, at the Edinburgh Kiltmakers Academy, we are restoring the focus on traditional methods, by teaching the complete intricacies of handsewn kiltmaking from start to finish; how to engage with the customer, to measure, to construct, to fit and when necessary, to alter kilts.   



We offer the most fully comprehensive Kiltmaking course in the Highlandwear Industry, built upon many years of experience & proven knowledge.   Our Full Course (Day) runs one day a week for 21 weeks on either a Tuesday or a Friday from 10am - 5pm. This course will commence on Tuesday 17th September or Friday 20th September. Additionally, the Full Course (Evening) runs one evening a week for 10 months. This will be a Thursday from 6pm - 9pm. This course will commence on the 19th of September.




To offer an introduction into kiltmaking, we are running short course "Kiltmaking Workshops" which enable candidates to complete one entire kilt from start to finish. The Kiltmaking Workshop (Weekend) will run for three weekends in a row. Workshop times will be 10am - 5pm on Saturday and Sunday. This course will start on the 6th July or 3rd August.  Additionally, the Kiltmaking Workshop (Evening) will run one evening for 12 weeks. This workshop will run from 6pm - 9pm on a Tuesday evening. This workshop will commence on the 9th of July.