Traditional Kiltmaking

Until recently, kilt making methods have remained the same for over a century. We are very passionate to keep this tradition alive. Unfortunately with cheap imports and a vast amount of machine made kilt-skirts in the market place, there is a real possibility that this historic trade may die out.

The majority of kilt makers are self employed and therefore cannot afford to train an apprentice. Workrooms do not teach kilt makers how to complete a kilt from start to finish due to a fear of the kilt makers moving on and working for themselves. The process is taught in parts and the workers all contribute to, what is effectively, a factory line. This, along with poor wages, has put traditional kilt making on the verge of extinction.

We are trying to buck this trend by openly teaching how to make a kilt from start to finish offering a EKA Certificate on completion.


For those interested in the fascinating process needed to make a kilt we have put together a simplified guide here.