The Story of a Kilt

We here at the Edinburgh Kiltmakers Academy pride ourselves on teaching to the finest level. For those interested in the fascinating journey undergone by every kilt we have put together a step by step glimpse at our kiltmaking process.

Step 1

We start with the measuring process with the lady or gent which we then transfer to the cloth and includes cutting/tearing it to length.


Step 2

We can then  start pleating it  up to the sett  or stripe.  Once we  have our basic pleats we set about working out the pleat sizes required and use our amazing invisible stitching to put them in place.


Step 3

The next steps include putting the fringing in place on the front apron and cutting excess fabric out of the pleats.



Step 4

We can then pop on our canvas, waistband, buckles and straps. Which then leaves the lining and the final processes of basting the pleats into place and pressing.

Perfecting the process takes teaching, time and lots of practice all of which are available through Edinburgh Kiltmakers Academy.
If you are interested, please don't hesitate to get it touch for more information on future courses.