Meet our Team : Emma


Emma has always had a passion for working with her hands. After learning to knit at the age of 5, she has strived to pick up skills needed to produce pieces of clothing. Emma moved from the Highlands to Edinburgh to undertake a HND in Costume Design. This course was led by industry professionals who taught her a range of new skills. This also engaged her in the history of clothing from animal skins to petticoats. Upon finishing college Emma worked in hospitality. During this time, she was still taking evening classes in college to add to her skill set. Such as embellishment, creative embroidery and soft furnishings.  

Emma found herself wanting to return to her practical routes and discovered the Edinburgh Kiltmakers Academy online. After attending an open evening, she was offered an intensive 1 year apprenticeship to learn the trade of kilt making. Since completion, Emma has made over 100 kilts and done a vast number of alterations. 

Emma leads all three classes at the Edinburgh Kiltmakers Academy. Despite being the teacher Emma still believes in the importance of learning. As kiltmaking has been a craft developed over hundreds of years, Emma discusses techniques with other kilt makers. By collaborating and sharing ideas with other skilled kilt makers, Emma provides the ultimate experience. This ensures every student finds the techniques that suit them. Most importantly, this enables every student to be taught how to produce quality kilts to the SQA approved standard.