Meet our Students: Laura


Q1: Where did you hear about the course?

I actually work for another Highlandwear company so that is how I found out about the course. I decided, “why not try it!”.

Q2: What interested you joining the course?

I really wanted to learn more about kilts because I work with them all the time. I wanted to learn more and if I could learn a skill at the end of it that would be great too.

Q3: How are you finding the course so far?

It’s been really, really good. Very informative. It’s been great seeing everybody when we come here. I’ve enjoyed seeing another side to kilts and seeing how much work goes into them. You don’t appreciate how much effort it takes to make them.

Q4: What are your plans after finishing the course?

I’ve not got set plans to become a kiltmaker. I would love it to be a side hobby to my main job. I’d like to make them for friends and family, and we will see how it goes from there!