Meet our Students : Kirsty


Q: What made you interested in starting the course?

A: I was made redundant last September and took a three-month sabbatical before I decided I needed to start looking for a job. By chance I saw a FB post about the Edinburgh Kiltmakers Academy! I’ve always been a sewer, always enjoyed sewing but it was just a hobby. So as soon as I saw it I signed up. I thought to myself “I don’t want to be stuck behind a computer and a desk” so this course is what I want to do… and here I am!


Q: How are you finding the course so far?

A: It’s going very well. I am very much enjoying it.


Q: What are your plans after the course is completed?

A: Well I’m going to be a Kiltmaker! I’ve already started setting up a Facebook page. It’s called “Kirsty’s Kilts”. Maybe a bit obvious but gets the message across! I’ve already got in touch with some enterprising people and hope to hear back from them in a couple weeks.