Meet our Students: James


Q: What interested you in starting the course?

A: I studied design at Edinburgh College, so I have a background in textiles. My gran is a seamstress, my mum worked with textiles – so it runs in my blood. It’s something I’ve always been passionate about. I like kilts, I’ve had a few kilts made and I’ve always been fascinated on how to do it. I tried to do it myself at home… but it wasn’t possible. So, I looked into courses and this one popped up on Facebook. I had a look to see how it worked, what the reviews were like and the feedback was really positive. I decided I’d apply and came into the shop, met everyone and it’s been great from there.


Q: How are you finding the course?

A: Really good, I’m off to a really good start because I’m really fast at doing stitches. I’ve had a lot on at work so I’ve slowed down a bit but I’m catching up. Learning everything step by step is really helpful. Just enjoying it really!


Q: What are your plans after the course is completed?

A: I’d like it to be like a back-burner hobby to begin with. Just see how I get on with that first. I’ve got lots of people who already want kilts – family, friends etc. I always have that as project to work on. There is potential for it to go further… watch this space!