Meet Our Students: Emma


Q1: Where did you hear about the course?

I was walking down the Royal Mile taking photos for research when I was doing my graduate collection and I saw it in the Canongate shop window. I didn’t see it online… it was just pure chance.

Q2: What interested you joining the course?

I was so deep in my own graduate collection in textiles, I started thinking about heritage, what it means to be Scottish and all the iconic things that we have here. I was suddenly like, “I want to make a kilt!” because it was a combination of all these things that I care about. It stuck with me during uni because there were loads of fashion professionals, but no-one knew how to do make a kilt. So, I thought this was going to be something I would have to personally pursue.

Q3: How are you finding the course so far?

I loved every minute of it! I didn’t want it to finish. Even when it did, I kept coming in!

Q4: What are your plans after finishing the course?

I want to bring kiltmaking together with embroidery, which is my area of knowledge and skill, and bring this craft into the 21st century. Hopefully I can encourage more young people to see kiltmaking as a career and a way to keep Scottish manufacturing and textiles alive. If you can make it Instagram worthy, which is what I want to do, then people can start thinking about kiltmaking in a new way and bring it to the forefront of Scottish textiles moving forward. 

You can view Emma's award winning work at: