Meet our Students: Catherine


Q: What interested you in the course?

A: Essentially, I had made every item of clothing and shoes before. For a long time, I thought “I want to learn how to make a kilt”. So, a few years ago I started looking for a kilt making course. I found a mini little course in Perth, for 6 weeks, so I used to travel to Perth on a Thursday night. I made a box-pleat kilt there for my son then I made another two. Then someone told me about this course. They gave me some information and I thought “Definitely”. I wanted to try a proper course that told me how to make other types of kilt.


Q: How are you finding the course?

A: It’s been great. It’s a lot of work to make 6 kilts in the time. I’m just finishing off my fourth one. Hopefully I’ll get my other two finished shortly…I’m looking to start my fifth one today! It’s great to do it with other people too. Rather than sitting and doing it in your own. I really look forward to coming!


Q: What are your plans after completing the course?

A: I have a guest house with a website and I think I will add that there is a Kiltmaker in residence! I get a lot of American and Canadian guests who like to look up their ancestry and everything, might be nice if they order a kilt when they come to stay!