Gordon Nicolson Kiltmakers

Gordon Nicolson Kiltmakers 

In April 2009, Gordon Nicolson Kiltmakers opened their store in Canongate. The emphasis of their store was the quality of their kiltmaking. Because of this, Gordon had a hand-picked team of quality kilt makers. They were passionate about the craftsmanship and heritage that was woven into every kilt. Hence why they choose to include “Kiltmakers” in their name.  After noticing a decline in quality kilts elsewhere, Gordon set to work on his long-term dream: to provide a course where people could learn how to make kilts to an exceptionally high standard. This was the beginning of the Edinburgh Kiltmakers Academy. 

He also was passionate about introducing an higher standard of kilt making. This was to ensure every kilt made was a quality product.  To this day, this intensive course teaches students how to produce exceptional kilts while also providing education on the history behind them. 

Previously kilt making has been immersed in tradition with generations passing down skills and techniques. Similarly, this course enables a new generation to learn traditional, hand-stitching methods of kilt making.

Gordon Nicolson Kiltmakers believes this new, highly skilled generation will revitalise the industry while also preserving traditional Scottish heritage.