What can you expect from the course?

We provide a candidate led course that can enable a whole new generation of kilt makers. This course is immersive and empowers skilled craftsman by equipping them with a whole new range of skills. It's not just about the making of the kilt, we also go into the history of both the Kilt and the tartan. Our students pay attention to every stitch sewn into the kilt and no student can proceed onto their kilts until the invisible stitching has been mastered.

We offer open days and taster sessions for all those who are interested in learning more information about the course. To find out when these days are keep up to date with our Facebook and Twitter


Students complete a minimum of 6 kilts - 1 child’s, 3 gents, 1 lady and 1 military box pleat.
These are done using different weights of cloth 5 tartan and 1 plain fabric.

At the Edinburgh Kiltmakers Academy we put a lot of work in teaching the setting up of tartans. This can be one of the hardest parts of kiltmaking and can take years to master. Although only 6 kilts are made, students will spend a lot of time practicing with other tartans. We also offer an aftercare service if ever a former student is having trouble with setting up tartans they are welcome to pop by.

Once the kilts are finished we then go into the alterations of kilts, the different methods and when to use them.


Business expertise

The last part of the course is a comprehensive selling module not only of the Kilt but also the full highland dress. This is provided by an expert in the retail field Gordon Nicolson from the highly successful Gordon Nicolson Kiltmakers.