About the course


This skill building course takes approximately 6 months to complete. The course teaches quality invisible hand-stitching, how to plan a kilt, correct depth and number of pleats, shaping in the back, and the use of quality canvas and linings.

The total cost of the course is £1200

What's involved the course 

The students will be required to a MINIMUM of 6 kilts using different weights of tartan and different pleatings. We have significantly raised the standard of the existing course with emphasis on hand stitching. This takes us back to the traditional standard of kilt making. More information about the curriculum can be found here.

So far, we have had 57 students complete the course. This includes 9 kilt makers from other stores in Edinburgh who joined EKA to achieve the highest standard of kilt making. We have also had a student join us who has been kiltmaking for years, who saw EKA as an opportunity to retrain after a life-time of experience. 

During your time with us you will learn all about the highland wear industry with the opportunity of work at the end, whether it be through self-employment or with the Academy.